Using loose materials in the snow

Using loose materials in the snow

The ‘Beast from the East’ finally arrived here in London, this morning, after a few flurries of snow yesterday. We woke up to find everything covered in a blanket of snow.  The best snow is the most unexpected, I always think, as it creates the greatest excitement amongst children who cannot wait to get outside!  This is particularly true in areas, like London, that receive little, if any snow, each year.

I am working at a school in Kingston tomorrow and cannot wait to get outside to play in the snow myself!.  I have asked the teachers to organise lots of resources ready for me to work with them and the children to provide them with lots of ideas , across the curriculum, for working in the snow!  I have asked for sticks, shells, stones, pebbles, feathers, paint and a variety of paint brushes.  The number of materials that can be used is almost endless but as I have limited time with them, I thought this would give them a start!

I shall also be bringing some items with me such as picture frames and some wooden bed slats which I shall give the children to see what they can do with them. Giving the children some loose parts encourages them to think of different ways of combining and using different materials. I cannot wait to see what happens!

Why don’t you take your class outside to create some masterpieces in the snow?



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