An approach to outdoor learning that considers experiences rather than equipment places children at the centre of the provision being made.



  What are we doing to our children? More Than a Score, a coalition of organisations, teachers and parents, have been  working for the abolition of standardised testing, since 2016, and provide a solid evidence base for their argument, based on…

Christmas comes but once a year…. at the end of a very long and tiring term!

  Photo by Pixabay on I have noticed many posts, on Facebook recently, asking for recommendations for a Christmas play and the merits of different productions.   I have taught early years for over 20 years and never realised how…

Process V Product – which is best?

Process V Product – which is best? I have recently read a wonderful article by Dr Gai Lindsey on the need for educators to value the work of children and not reduce creativity to a factory line existence churning out…


Professional Development

Jackie’s constant support and constructive feedback really helped me improve teaching phonics. The result was engaging, multisensory phonics activities that helped pupils to make remarkable progress.  As a result, children became confident readers and active writers. Pupils were reading for pleasure and were able to take ideas from the stories and then write stories of their own!  

Jackie’s passion and enthusiasm for outdoor learning have no limits. She has the most amazing ideas of how to take learning outside and engage children in a wide range of activities. Her training was insightful, helped us as teachers understand exactly how children learn and enabled us to plan and deliver a greater range of outdoor activities. 

Thank you, Jackie Slaughter! 

Claudia Odorog – Reception teacher – Forest Academy, Croydon 2017


Jackie worked with us to develop teaching and learning, in the EYFS outdoor area. She audited the provision, provided the leadership team and EYFS staff with clear feedback and next steps.  Jackie modelled lessons for all staff and provided numerous ideas for extending the provision to provide opportunities for following children’s interests and develop critical thinking through problem-solving and collaboration.

The impact of this support, over the course of a half term, was noted during a visit by the local authority, in March 2018, which stated that Wide sweeping changes have been implemented and to good effect since the review in January…. the outside provision is rich, stimulating and engaging for children…. The EYFS outside area is now buzzing with excitement and providing children with meaningful activities to become confident, curious learners.”

Lucy Campbell, Headteacher – Kings Oak Primary School, New Malden –  April 2018



Outdoor learning inset

Thank you very much for your time and effort involved in running the workshops on Monday. Although I didn’t do an evaluation form, verbally the responses were very positive and the support staff came away buzzing with ideas and information.

Claire Howarth, Principal – The Woodside Academy, Croydon  –  November 2017


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